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!#1st GameNow 2.30 by BigPower Software Inc.
GameNow is a funny game tool with a collection of over 1000 addicting pc games, flash games. You can play action games, sport games, adventure games, arcade games, skill games, shooting games, board games, puzzle games, casino games, even multiplayer games and more on your pc. It includes live updates as new games added to the database. GameNow is a better way to play games!Key features: 1
Size: 1240 KB Price: $39.95 US Released: 2006-10-06

Aplus Video Converter Pro 5.46 by Aplus Software Inc
Aplus Video Converter - convert any video to any video. Can you believe I am able to convert almost all kinds of Video format files including AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, MOV, RM to AVI,DivX, XviD, VCD, DVD, SVCD, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, RealMedia, MOV video format files. With Aplus Video Converter, I can convert my interesting video to any video for my friend. And it is so easy to share my happyness with my ...
Size: 1240 KB Price: $29.95 US Released: 2006-10-29

Astronomy Stuff 1.2.0 by SCES Software
Watch Nasa TV including live space shuttle launches and space walks plus all the Sky at Night programs from December 2001 up to the current episode over the internet plus view live solar images and get ISS (international space station) and satellite pass predictions for your location.
Size: 3452 KB Price: $0.00 US Released: 2006-11-23

Chinese Calendrics 7.37 by Hermetic Systems
A program to convert between dates in various Chinese calendars and dates in the Gregorian and Julian calendars, and to find lunar new year's day and leap months for any year in the Chinese Calendar. Can list anniversaries of Chinese lunar dates such as birthdays. Supports 60-year, 60-month and 60-day cycles, includes Chinese names, and allows searching for dates and times of full moons, dark moons, solar terms, equinoxes, solstices and more.
Size: 1782 KB Price: $25.00 US Released: 2006-12-23

Julian Day Converter 1.0 by gedesoft
This utility can convert a gregorian date into julian day format/Modified Julian Day format and vice versa. The Julian Day Format counts the day since the 24th november -4713bc. The julian day format is often used in the astronomical section to calculate for example rises.
Size: 859 KB Price: $0.00 US Released: 2005-11-04

Keyboard Tester Version 1.0 Pro 1.0 by Shadow Image Data Recovery
Keyboard Tester Version 1.0 lets you test the keys and buttons on your keyboard.You can also test some controls on your keyboard with this program. The types ofcontrols this program can test are the Zoom Controls on keyboards. This program might be able to test other controls on your keyboard
Size: 1240 KB Price: $0.00 US Released: 2007-09-16

Lunar Calendars and Eclipse Finder 7.57 by Hermetic Systems
A program to search for eclipses (lunar, solar, total, annular and umbral), to calculate the phase of the Moon at any given date and time and to convert between dates in the Gregorian and Julian calendars and dates in four lunar calendars (Goddess Lunar, Meyer-Palmen Solilunar, Hermetic Lunar Week and Liberalia Triday).
Size: 1794 KB Price: $19.00 US Released: 2007-03-22

MB Free Moon Phase 1.0 by
MB Free Moon Phase is one of the most simple and accurate moon phase calculator software. The program has been uniquely designed to calculate which phase the Moon is passing through on any particular day. The program is based on the astronomy calculations which in turn are dependant upon the relative position of the sun, moon and the earth.
Size: 1137 KB Price: $0.00 US Released: 2007-09-20

MB Free Muhurtha Astrology 1.0 by
MB Free Muhurtha Astrology is a 'Vedic Electional Astrology' software which finds out the auspicious time of any activity based on the calculations of Vedic astrology. The software gives you a detailed Report for the choice of your time for an auspicious occasion. It also gives you information about your rashi, rashi lord, nakshatra, nakshatra lord, lagna, Tithi, Karana and the like.
Size: 1944 KB Price: $0.00 US Released: 2007-08-10

MB Free Taurus Astrology 1.10 by
MB Free Taurus Astrology gives a detailed and comprehensive report that includes the positive and negative characteristics of people born with the sun in a particular zodiac sign (Taurus) according to Western Astrology. This software includes your general nature, positive and negative traits, gemstone, element, ruling planet and career and health amongst a lot of other details.
Size: 777 KB Price: $0.00 US Released: 2007-08-27

Matches:  18 First     Previous       Page 1 of 2       Next     Last

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