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!#1st FREE LavaMind Study Center SAT- PSAT- ACT Ex 4.0 by LavaMind
LavaMind has created a FREE test preparation program at designed to increase student SAT I, SAT II, PSAT and ACT scores. Our FREE Online Study Center has an extensive list of features, including interactive quizzes, tutorials, frequently used word quizzes, critical word exams, vocabulary tests, and extended online resources. You can download this software for FREE. You don't need to pay
Size: 1240 KB Price: $12.99 US Released: 2007-02-28

!#1st GameNow 2.30 by BigPower Software Inc.
GameNow is a funny game tool with a collection of over 1000 addicting pc games, flash games. You can play action games, sport games, adventure games, arcade games, skill games, shooting games, board games, puzzle games, casino games, even multiplayer games and more on your pc. It includes live updates as new games added to the database. GameNow is a better way to play games!Key features: 1
Size: 1240 KB Price: $39.95 US Released: 2006-10-06

!#1st Mail Snoop Pro 1.10.46 by Rainbow Innovations
Mail Snoop Pro is an anti-spam and email notification application designed to monitor any number of mailboxes, finding and deleting spam without disturbing you and alerting you when there is new mail you need to see. Feature Summary:Compatible with Pop3/IMAP4 servers.Multiple mailboxes.Powerful filter system. Friends list. Blacklist. Message Archive. Scheduled Mail Checks.
Size: 3173 KB Price: $35.00 US Released: 2006-10-16

!#1st Mystic Psychic Trainer (Spanish) 4.0 by SEEQ ENTERPRISES- INC
Test or develop your psychic abilities by using the Mystic Psychic Trainer. MPT will help you fine tune your clairvoyance, telekinesis, and precognition abilities using colors, symbols and dice. MPT is quick and easy to use. It will keep score for you and lets you save your history.Each or our test consists of a round of 25 attempts. At the end of the round, you can see your score or try another round
Size: 1240 KB Price: $29.95 US Released: 2006-10-05

!#1st Personal Information Manager 4.0 by SC EXS CORPORATION SRL
Take control of your life, and easily organize your tasks, meetings, keep track of your notes and passwords, with this new software. Keep everything that happens in your life (business or personal) under control, by simply organizing all aspects, with Personal Information Manager. Features :- Today overview :- View and organize todays Tasks and Meetings in a simple overview screens.- Receive alerts before each meeting
Size: 1240 KB Price: $14.95 US Released: 2007-02-24

!#1st Promises Of God Screensaver Deluxe by Blink Development
God always keeps his promises. However, sometimes we need to be reminded of what those promises are. The Promises Of God Screensaver keeps God's promises in front of our eyes. Each frame contains a picture of a beautiful flower and a scripture verse reminding us what God promised.The registered version of the Promises Of God Screensaver contains dozens of high quality images
Size: 1240 KB Price: $9.99 US Released: 2007-07-02

!#1st Recipe Builder Deluxe by Recipe Builder
Recipe Builder is a recipe maintenance database with 10,000 recipes (also free) which can be added with a click of your mouse. Each Category is a full selection of recipes, a full 'book' of recipes
Size: 1240 KB Price: $29.95 US Released: 2006-10-07

!#1st The Recipe Processor 2000 5.3 by The Recipe Processor
The Recipe Processor 2000 is a feature full recipe management program. Powerful search tools. Adjust serving size and ingredient amounts instantly. Convert from one measure to another. Print shopping lists. Display two recipes side by side for comparison. Calculate nutrition and recipe cost! Features quick entry that will save time and keystrokes when entering recipes. Integrated spelling checker. Daily and weekly...
Size: 2800 KB Price: $25.00 US Released: 2006-10-13

!#1st Tropic Waterfall - Animated Wallpaper 3.11 by EleFun
Welcome to the "Tropic Waterfall" - Animated Desktop Wallpaper ordering page! __________________________What you should know about ordering Elefun Wallpapers and Screensavers:Payment information safety are ensured by RegNow - one of the most reliable systems of registration, ordering and payment over the Web. RegNow is a company with a world-wide reputation
Size: 1240 KB Price: $14.95 US Released: 2006-10-17

!#1st Workplace Angel Deluxe by Altawell Software
Workplace Angel reminds you to make pauses in your work and helps to adjust workplace for comfortable and healthy working. It helps you to prevent computer-caused diseases such as musculoskeletal disorders (Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tarsal tunnel syndrome, Sciatica and others), visual fatigues (tired and sore eyes and headaches) and stresses
Size: 1240 KB Price: $20.00 US Released: 2006-10-03

Matches:  1817 First     Previous       Page 2 of 182       Next     Last

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